About Deedoe

Deedoe Design was founded by Jacklyn Kaye Uy (that's me. Hi!) in 2017.
And this is my story. 
It all started when I was studying graphic design at Emily Carr University in Vancouver, BC. Feeling burnt out and uninspired I decided to check it out an extracurricular drawing class. It was 4 whole days of drawing people. Nothing but drawing and eating (and the occasional bathroom break). And I loved it! I had always loved drawing but as I grew up it kind of fell by the wayside to make room for more "grown up and practical" things. But after that class my love for making art was reignited and I decided to take more classes having to do with illustration and traditional art.
Fast forward to coming home to Cebu, I spent all free time drawing and painting. With enough prompting from family and friends I decided to create an Instagram account to share my work. Much to my surprise I started getting requests to make custom invites and portraits. Eventually, I gained the courage to launch my own line of paper goods. 
So why Deedoe?
Deedoe is the nickname my nieces and nephews gave me and it's what they still call me today. It’s a name that holds a special place in my heart because those kids remind me to always have fun and live a life with whimsy.